Yeshua Blaque is an emcee, an author, and business professional offering insight on both street and corporate culture. After a brief incarceration, he does his best to free himself from the Hatrix by sharing testimony in the form of novels and music. "From the trenches to the boardroom" has never had a truer proponent.

Co-emcee of an award winning podcast Should've Been On Podcast

Coming soon: Memoirs of a Businessman, The Story of Yeshua Blaque.


The World’s Flat

Memoirs of a Businessman, Chapter ? Chapter ???: The World’s Flat The fuel for the world incinerating. These days we can’t tell if it’s flat, round, or pear shaped. I’ve challenged manyRead More...
By : Yeshua Black | Aug 15, 2017

The Laurel House Scandal, part 2

Memoirs of a Businessman, Chapter 8 The Laurel House Scandal, part 2 Chapter 8- The Laurel House Scandal pt 2 🔥 “I would like the power to fire the head of theRead More...
By : Yeshua Black | Jul 5, 2017

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