The team just doesn’t work.

The first person to blame is John Wall.

Yeah, he may be a top 5 point guard in the league and all. But nobody wants to play with him. He doesn’t trust his teammates at ALL. He never lets anyone make a play. He dribbles until he can get a look, or when the clock is at 5 seconds he kicks it out for someone to shoot. That’s a problem. And it shows, look how the Wizards have been playing, espcially this series against the Toronto Raptors.

All the Raptors have to do on defense is have someone stick Wall, have someone ready to double team him in the paint, then rotate to open shooters.

They need to get rid of Wall, or he needs to let others handle the ball. Bradley Beal is more than capable. Otto Porter is making strides.

They need to blow the team up and keep Beal and Porter.

Another problem is, for whatever reason, the team tries the same thing every year and expects it to work. It never has and I don’t think it ever will.

Gortat can go, Morris can stay maybe, everyone else not named Beal and Porter can go. Starting with Wall.

They just need to go in a different direction.

Build around Beal and Porter, both great shooters and their defense is steadily improving.

Or get another young superstar to either have them rally around or someone to make a big three to build around. Preferably a center.

Or just go a couple seasons getting prospects in the draft and young bloods from free agency. Once they have a solid young core, sprinkle some veterans in there.

Maybe getting a new coach before or after the fact. They just need some type of change or tweaks. Wizards will stay a bottom seed until they do something.

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