The Houston Rockets fell to the Golden State Warriors in the series. There’s lots of talk about the NBA being rigged. I’m not too sure about that. But, there was a lot of calls and no calls on both sides. CP3 getting hurt definitely impacted the Rockets. They are a different team both offensively and defensively. He adds elements that didn’t exist the year before. He’s a great leader and floor general. Watching the Rockets before and after he got injured, you can see how different the team plays.

So what should they do this offseason???

RE-SIGN Chris Paul

He’s been VERY important to this team. He eases James Harden’s load while making him better. CP3 is the coach on the floor. Him and Harden create problems for the defense alone and together. They need to keep that intact.

Keep Clint Capela

Capela had been a huge part of their success. He gets better, and better every year. This playoffs, he outplayed Karl Anthony-Towns and Rudy Gobert. He’s a great, physical, high energy center. Great speed, which is needed at center. He’s a part of their future no doubt.

Get Rid of Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is simply being over paid. He doesn’t fit the squad anymore. PJ Tucker is a better PF than him. I don’t think it’s even possible to trade him anywhere unless they give up a pick or something too. But they have to clear that cap space. There’s teams who need a stretch big. The Thunder may take interest. But it’s not a for sure thing. The Rockets are probably stuck with him for the rest of his contract.

Target Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors may be the piece they need to really be unstoppable. He can add a lot of flexability to this team. He’s a really good defender to pair next to Clint Capela. They can make penetrating the paint difficult much like what he’s done with Rudy Gobert. You can pick a roll with Paul & Favors, Paul & Capela, Harden & Favors, and Harden & Favors. When Capela is off the court, he can easily play center. Great rebounder. He’s steadily improving his mid-range shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls a 3 occassionally within the next few seasons. This would be a great addition.

What do you think the Rockets will do this offseason?

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