Jrue Holiday is criminally underrated, Here’s why.

Holiday for the past few seasons has been somewhat of a disappointment.

After an all star season with Philly. He was supposed to be #2 behind Davis to push them into the playoffs and build around. But his production dropped. He played like a really good role player. But not an all star.

Perhaps PG wasn’t the right position for him. Once the Pelicans brought Rondo in, they slid Jrue over to SG. He fits a LOT better there. He can lock up your best scorer with consistency and on the other end shoot and drive. He’s had a career year. All star caliber, he just needs to keep this up and improve his game more over the off-season. He’ll be there no problem.

The playoffs just kicked off, too early to comment on his playoff performance but game one against the Pelicans he was CLUTCH. On offense he did it all. He was patient on defense and made plays throughout the game. Definitely a pillar for the Pelicans for years to come.

If Cousins stays. Davis, Cousins, and Holiday is looking like a top big 3 in the league. With Rondo distributing the rock and Mirotic being a productive sixth man on defense and offense. They just need another two-way player like Holiday at small forward and a deeper bench outside of Mirotic and Moore. Then they’ll be true contenders. If Paul George leaves OKC, which I honestly doubt, they’ll be the perfect match for the Warriors. The back court is good enough to keep up with Curry and Klay. Then in the front court it’s KD, Draymond and a bummy center vs. PG, Davis and Boogie. That’s a very interesting match up. Even if the Pelicans don’t get PG and they get someone like Trevor Ariza. They’ll still be solid.

But all this starts with the team’s performance this playoffs. If they get to the second round, which I’m sure they will. I don’t see why Cousins wouldn’t come back. Holiday, Davis and Mirotic are playing like STUDS. If Cousins stays, everything else will fall into place.

Watch out for the Pelicans next season. Watch Holiday make the All-Star game.

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