So… As I experience the world of Tinder.

It’s become a game of “Can you spot the man in a dress?”

Be careful fellas, if you gotta look twice, keep it moving.

Don’t take any chances. Unless you’re into that, then by all means. Do what makes you happy.

Let’s get it!!!

Can’t trust these hoes, says she has a boyfriend and wants other dudes to make her cum. Unless if it’s an open relationship. Or they… I don’t know anymore.

Good luck with that.

I’m with all of that. Swipe right, ma.

Are you toast? Because I want to butter that…


Yes. Take pride in your bodies ladies. Have confidence.

Too bad I don’t send nudes. I send memes…

Sounds dangerous.

Regardless, I won’t take my chances.

Wow. What a friend.


Wow. She seems very demanding. Pass.

Oh god let me help… Wait a second, that’s a SCAM!


She figured out the matrix!

That’s it for today. Share some of your favorite experiences of Tinder below.

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