Here we are again.

More “unique” bios.

Let’s get started, shall we?

“i’m sad n need someone to make out w. this is like my 5th time on here oop also down for friends!!!”

Sorry, no can do.

“just looking for someone to celebrate taco tuesday with. exclusively drinks cold beverages. enjoy most things as long as it helps me avoid my schoolwork. sold my soul to blizzard (WoW, HotS, OW). watch vine comps w/ me, so I know it’s real. take me to the cat cafe and I’m all yours.”

I mean, I love tacos. But nah, I’ll get irritated reak quick.

“send me your best pick up lines”

Are you a light switch? Because you turn me on.

“I am one with the ocean and love to adventure. But I do appreciate my lazy days too.”

Well I’m Aquaman, sup ma?

“just looking for some fun. send me 5$ and lets see what happens.”

Sounds very intriguing. I’ll just give you a credit card.

“I am an Angel with a filthy mind. I’m not actually bi, I just love having sex with girls, if you want the truth. If we don’t match, Add me on snapchat & chat with me on there! If we match send a message!”

Well. I think that makes you bi. But regardless, where do I sign up?

“I’m 18 newly single and have a son I like to have fun. I am my own free spirit. Im not afraid to show my true self. I the girl you can call for anything and i be there. Message me if you can handle my wild ass.”

Sounds like a “swipe left.”

“polyamorous. Married. Heteroflexible. Demisexual. Mommy of four ages 5, 4, 2, and 1. Dog mom of one. Cat mom of one. 420 friendly but only edibles and vape for me. I am not here for hookups so please keep moving along if that is what you are interested in. We are human, you may be horny but I prefer connection based relationships please so no need to be disrespectful of the =)”

I mean, what? This is confusing. She’s married, but wants a relationship with another person, but is dissing horny folk. I don’t get it.

“poverty is increasing bc i’m a snack and not everyone can have a piece of me”

Looks like you wanna distribute yourself to the middle class and lower class.

“I’m 5’2 and can probably destroy a pizza better than you.”

I bet you could.

“Hey my name is maddy I’m 21, I’m the sweetest bitch you will ever meet I have a really big heart which is my problem I care too much about people. I love going to college, working out, I’m a huge animal lover, anime and art nerd, I live for super natural.”

White women…

That’s it for now.

Lot of different people on this app.

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