Now we all know why we use Tinder.

People claim “no hook-ups”. But they eventually hook up anyways.

Lots of unique personalities too.

This compilation is geared to show the variety of personalities and interests. Let’s go.

[I’m keeping these identities classified]
“Looking for friends if ur funny i’ll probably fall in love. i’m a cancer / infp / kpop/ rnb”

Seems kinda sweet. Obviously of Asian heritage. I consider myself a funny guy. I might have a good chance with her. Still didn’t match tho… Perhaps I lack the physical appeal.

“Sippin wine and watchin vines. Love music, dancing, and having a good time! I rave a lot. Hmu if you wanna get tattooed together.”

Sounds like time spent with her will be Hangover 4. I pass. Crazy ass white girls, let me tell you.

“College student. I should have a liberal arts degree soon. Also I love hot tubs and when I say enjoy traveling, I mean it. I’m just swiping through, hanging out, until I achieve my ultimate goal and get on the next season of The Bachelor.”

Well hey suga mama. I’m a bachelor. Sike. Moving on…

“Interested in the soul not the gender. I’m a mass murderer who loves to frolic in the backyards of her next victims. Lol, nah. I’m a Seattle college student who enjoys the sun but hates the sunshine in my eyes. I love cats and books. I love people but am typically the odd one out. I am a music lover but can’t sing. I love poetry and try it write it. I’m hopelessly romantic but slightly nihilistic so that balances out my optimism. Looking for friends or the potential for a relationship.”

This chick wrote a damn cover letter for a job application. Lost me after the first two sentences. Pass. Good luck tho, get that degree.

“I won’t beg for your attention, I don’t need your money. I curse like a sailor, I drink like a fish; but I’m a sweetheart I swear”

I like and respect the independence. But it sounds like she drives a lawn mower to work chugging a case of Budweiser. I’m good.

“Good movies, copious amounts of booze, and hopefully assisting in disappointing your parents.”

Well damn. Sign me up. Not into white women but swipe right, ma.

“I am Mistress Karen. Attractive, beautiful, and sexy. Powerful, demanding and merciless. A natural born dominatrix I enjoy sensual and sadistic domination. The idea of having slaves really turns Me on. I truly love inflicting pain, humiliation and torture. I am the one and only pro domme in Bulgaria. I have over 3 years of professional experience in BDSM and fetish play. Not always on this app.”


“I hunt fish, critique porn and throughly enjoy getting stoned in the woods with Mary Jane and Jack. I can nail an arrow in the back of your skull at over 100 yards. I can cook like Martha and swallow like Kim K. Swipe right.”

I’m conflicted. And confused.

“Only swiping right on people who look like they could potentially ruin my life. Wyd”

Well hey lil mama…

“talk to me about conspiracy theories, your political ideologies, and astrology. looking for a guy that is wanting to get his ass fucked by me. If you can pronounce my name correctly, I’ll take you out on a date and pay for it. also, I will not be your fucking unicorn. swipe left if you are a Nazi, white supremacist, voted for Trump, or are in the military.”

Yeah. I’m a pronounce her name wrong… Hopefully…

“Couple looking for new friends m or f, in or out of bedroom.”

Oh HELL nah…

I’m done for the day…

What are some of the most unique bios you’ve seen on Tinder? Let me know below.

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