Memoirs of a Businessman, Chapter ?

Chapter ???: The World’s Flat

The fuel for the world incinerating. These days we can’t tell if it’s flat, round, or pear shaped. I’ve challenged many to the following question: Tell me when did it make sense for 3D objects to exist in a 2D world? I’ve even wagered to say that on a large scale it makes more sense that a Hadron Collide exploded and that we now live in a parallel multi-verse. However so many have told me: No! The Earth is flat! Screaming and indefinitely assured.
We are to be our own destruction. Thru social media, television programming, money not being used as a tool but as a social status. Political leaders who purposely mislead in hopes of becoming profiteers. Police who do more serving than protecting. Television networks that will placate you for attempting to buy them, and a justice system that seems to bend before the wealthy elitists and allow the poverty stricken to suffer. A madman with his finger on the nuke codes.
People are killing each other and it’s just the norm. The war price is real, and all in all it’s just another day. Let me tell you why I hate the term woke. It’s defined as: being aware of commonplace political issues, agendas, and underlined racism and cultural climates. However I feel that so many people now try to take this term and make it a popular one to where it loses its value. From ridiculing what we call Hoteps to simply calling an otherwise enlightened person a conspiracy theorist, we have silently marked society’s observers for death.
Your president wants Assata Shakur back in the states for the killing of a police officer but doesn’t want to release his own tax returns, and fires the investigating FBI director. Time after time we watch innocent citizens get gunned down and labeled miscreants to justify why. Just because you follow the flute of another snake charmer doesn’t mean that you’re woke it means that you still haven’t thought independently. Meanwhile independent thought in and of itself is punished. We live in a time where so much goes unsaid simply for the comfort of others. Hell I wrote this book under a pen name because I didn’t want to be placated for my beliefs. I’ve had very little support in my circle concerning those. Every time we speak of something creative it’s shut down or called a pipe dream. You’re paid to go to work for someone else to forget your dreams. Yet it’s the dreamers who have pushed this place as far as it’s gone.
Being woke isn’t something new to us. It’s new to those who are just now discovering our culture. The funny part is that we are the most emulated and yet still the most hated. I’m not saying this to create division. Yet it’s not considered fashion until someone else does it, then the world notices. So maybe you’re right the world’s flat. Devoid of the fizz that was there when the cap first got twisted. When something becomes over saturated does it lose it’s value? Are there any new ideas under the sun? I know this much before you express something that you think is a new idea (particularly if you think it’s good) you dam well better sign a NDA!
Still thru all of the negative we have two choices. Keep keeping on or succumb to the fray. Per example with all of life’s obstacles I can either write this book and leave a legacy or I can choose to leave yet another unfinished task on my to do list! In it’s own form writing is very therapeutic. I’ve mentioned to the publisher several times that I wasn’t sure of the direction of this book, and that at times I felt extremely unmotivated. He simply says write about that! Reinforcing that the true answer to overcoming a roadblock is just to crash thru it.

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