I know some of you out there who are reading this may think I’m tripping. But it’s all good, because I have good reason… Here’s why the Pacers will be a top seed next year behind the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

The Black Panther

I’m saying this right now, Victor Oladipo will be a top 10 player next year. He might even be a top 5 player. Although I don’t see him getting past LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis. He’ll be right there under them. He quickly became a top tier defender and his offensive game is top notch as well. He’s finally becoming the superstar everyone thought he would be. I think he should’ve made the all star game this year with how great he was playing. His game is similar to Russell Westbrook with a more consistent jump shot and higher IQ.

Not only are his skills on the court top notch, but he’s a motivator off the court too. He’s the Pacer’s future. His work ethic is crazy and he has Myles Turner working out with him too which he is looking real lean so far this offseason. When you’re best player is also your hardest worker the whole team gets motivated. He’s just a straight up leader and is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch right now.


Besides the 76ers and the Celtics. Nobody is really a threat. The Raptors are proven to choke in the playoffs and they just fired their head coach Dwane Casey after winning coach of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dump some of their players too just to mix things up. I don’t expect them to be a top seed by any means.

The Cavaliers are in a tough spot for obvious reasons. First off, LeBron will probably leave if they don’t get anyone to help him out such as Kemba Walker which means Tyronn Lue won’t have a playbook anymore. They’re stuck with decent role players who are getting paid like stars such as Tristan Thompson and George Hill. Dan Gilbert considers Larry Nance Jr. as a foundational piece. So many things wrong with this organization. Even if LeBron stays I don’t see them topping the Pacers with the rate they’re developing at.

Then you have the rest of the east… The Bucks need to straighten out before I can consider them a legit competitor. Miami will be stuck in the same spot for years unless they can sign a star. The Wizards are on their last leg before blowing the whole ship up and everyone else is complete dumpster juice.

Do you think the Pacers will be a force in the east? Let us KNOW!

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