The New Wave

Armageddon has come to the album! We may never return to the golden age, where opening that beautiful packaging and uncovering your new favorite CD is the norm.

We’ve been here for a while, settling for redundant sales tactics—two-campaigns short of a supermarket display pallet—that may never surpass the almighty power of streaming, and downloading leaked LPs.

Long gone are the days of storming music fans, raiding their favorite music retailer(Tower Records anyone?) by the horde, just to get their itching fingers onto a crisp jewel case containing the artist’s newest collection of songs.

You already miss the clean texture of the album booklet and it’s incredible images inside, don’t you?

Truth is, while major recording labels struggle to market their minimum viable product—the album—the streaming monster continues to grow out of proportion.

Globally, 78.6 billion streams take the place of new ways to generate an artist’s buzz and actually sell an album.

None of this is bad by any means if it supports the long-term goal in the end.

Yet, record labels—a glorified loaning agency—turnover valuable opportunity in favor of giving the artist’s work to the streaming entities.

Here, we have a short term, quickest return with the least value over time. Does more harm than good in the end.

And, while this all may be true, in fact, we believe the independent artist is and will be at the future helm of reviving an album culture.

What do you think?

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