Shon comes through with new music. We talk music business, production, regaining focus, and
knowing your shit.
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One thought on “Should’ve Been On Podcast — Ep. 112 Shon Goner(@ShonGoner)

  1. I’m a new listener and it’s good to know that people are getting together to communicate about what’s going in the music business and it all starts with a plane they go to school they take up music and they learn most of all they learn how to get along with one another and they communicate about things in their lives and what they want to do I think it’s wonderful that you have this show I’m not just saying this because I’m your grandmother but a lot of older people like myself need to be behind the young entrepreneurs so that they know how to handle themselves have to present themselves in the public keep up the good work I’m wishing you great success in your radio show you should have been on.

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