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Ayye. Happy Holidays. It’s now Kwanza and we’re continuing our talk with Bobby Nefzger of Roscoe Rowe. Should’ve Been On better branding. The differences between Rock and Hip-Hop branding across marketing and product design. Division of Labor among the team. Introverts in Business. Tech N9ne. Bobby joins us to discuss the particulars of team focus, management, and NOT getting screwed out of your winnings. The 2000/2 Win Theory. Join us for our death defying conclusion of of Roscoe Rowe!
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Should’ve Been On Content

1. Introduction

2. Mental Health/Venting segment “How are you today?”

3. [ Song 1 ]

4. Main topic

5. [ Song 2 ]

6. Main Topic / Special Guest Talk

7. Outro/Summary


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