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On today’s episode of #ShouldveBeenOn talk about dodging the drama. Ever feel like drama just surrounds you? Here’s how to avoid it. E. Lee talks navigating the industry, supporting the craft, and having a strategy such as Direct-to-Consumer distribution.
Oh! Want to win free stuff? Listen until the end. Featured music by E. Lee and others.
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Should’ve Been On Content

1. Introduction

2. Mental Health/Venting segment “How are you today?”

3. [ Song 1 ]

4. Main topic

5. [ Song 2 ]

6. Main Topic / Special Guest Talk

7. Body to Watch(Business, Model, or Intellectual on the Rise)

8. [ Song 3 ]

9. Weekly Business Tip

10. On the Rocks & In Your Dish(Specialized Bonding over Drinks/Food)

11. Dot Hacks(App or solution to simplify everyday tasks in life and business)

12. Outro/Summary

13. [ Song 4 ]

14. Sent From Sygns(Free Giveaway for our Listeners)

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