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On today’s episode of #ShouldveBeenOn we address the positive and negative affects of social media in 2017. We also talk NFL, shout out Shannon Sharpe on air, social media’s affects on mental and social health, the definition of social narcissism, and the Jetson’s future-fantasy lifestyle.

Oh! Want to win free stuff? Listen until the end. Featured music by 199Noir, Plur, and more…
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Should’ve Been On Content

1. Introduction

2. Mental Health/Venting segment “How are you today?”

3. [ Song 1 ]

4. Main topic

5. [ Song 2 ]

6. Main Topic / Special Guest Talk

7. Body to Watch(Business, Model, or Intellectual on the Rise)

8. [ Song 3 ]

9. Weekly Business Tip

10. On the Rocks & In Your Dish(Specialized Bonding over Drinks/Food)

11. Dot Hacks(App or solution to simplify everyday tasks in life and business)

12. Outro/Summary

13. [ Song 4 ]

14. Sent From Sygns(Free Giveaway for our Listeners)

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