1. Protesting

Protesting is a very effective way of letting people know what’s up. Helps bring a problem to the light. Like NFL players kneeling during the anthem. People are talking about policing and oppression. Whether the things that are being said are bad or not. Doesn’t matter. The issue is being brought to the forefront. But, kneeling does nothing towards actual police reform. These players protesting need to come together and make a petition or something to bring to Congress to change certain laws that protect police. Or they can go to local communities and work with law enforcement agencies, or against for that matter. Protesting solves nothing.

2. Forgiveness

Hugging them doesn’t work. Forgiving and hugging a murderous psychopath, a.k.a. modern AmeriKKKan policing, is pointless. Would you run up to Jason Vorhees and give him a big, warm hug after he killed your cousin in front of your whole family? Get justice. You looking like Uncle Ruckus out here.

3. Joining Police Force


People say β€œChange the system from within.” Which is dumb. Officers who go against the grain get fired. Once you are in law enforcement. You become the entity that you’re against.

4. Debating Online

Arguing with random people online does absolutely nothing. Write a complaint to Congress instead.

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