Two Words: The Brow

He is absolutely the best player to build around.

He has no weaknesses at all.

He does everything in the paint at a high level. He can shoot from anywhere now. He can handle the ball. He can lock you down. There isn’t anyone in the league who compares to AD’s skill set.

You can put shooters around him and pair him up with a rebounder down low.

You can put slashers around him and pair him with a stretch.

You can do a mixture.

He meshed very well with DeMarcus Cousins down low, both dominant big men.

You can do anything with him.

No question, he’s everything you want in a franchise player and then some.

He can get you wins alone pretty often. But another star or two is necessary to compete for a title.

The King

LeBron has to be in the conversation. I just can’t put him on top of the list due to his age.

He makes everyone around him better.

Like Davis, he’s enough to get you some wins.

He can function easily with both stars and role players of all types.

He played very well with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. He played very well with Kyrie Irving.

This year, he’s managed to get to the second round with nothing but inconsistent role players and a terrible coach in Tyronn Lue. You can’t really call Love a star anymore. I don’t really blame him too much though, Lue just doesn’t utilize his whole skill set.

Although I would say he’s best with shooters around him and a big man who’s good at the pick and roll. He still needs another true star to contend.

Regardless, he’s what you want to build around.

The Beard

James Harden is the third best player to build around.

He’s your whole offense.

Passing, shooting, driving, free throws, everything.

All you need is some shooters and defenders and you got a contending team.

The flow of the offense when he’s on the court is just so smooth.

He’s proved to be versatile too.

He can win games by himself.

When Chris Paul came to the Rockets I thought there would be chemistry issues and the flow of the offense would change due to CP3 and Harden both being ball dominant. But they can play off the ball just as well too. He can mesh with anyone.

His defense has improved as well. He’s what you want in a franchise player.

These are the three perfect franchise players. You can do whatever you want with them.

Honorable Mentions:

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a jump shot away from being the perfect player to build around.

Joel Embiid may already be there, but Ben Simmons is a great player too. So I can’t say he’s “perfect”. They are a two-headed monster.

I would’ve talked about Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry being the perfect franchise players. But they’re on the same team now.

Chris Paul is a great point guard. He makes everyone better. But he’s on Harden’s team.

Kawhi Leonard is hurt. Last year I would’ve had him number one. Best two-way player in the league. Consistently great every game.

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