Billy Donovan needs to go.

No disrespect, but he’s just not a good head coach. Maybe he should step down to an assistant coach position. Or just stop coaching…

Let me break down all the things he does wrong, or things he doesn’t do and should…

Hero Ball

OKC, by far, has more talent than Utah. But… Billy has no plays or schemes. He’s worse than Tyronn Lue.

80% of the game is iso Russ, iso PG, and sometimes iso Melo.

Now iso ball is great when any one of them get hot, maybe not Melo after what he’s done(or hasn’t done) this year.

Especially for PG, he will have a few games where he just doesn’t miss.

But that’s not something you can constantly rely on.

You can’t expect PG and Russ to be hot every game.

But that’s the whole offense. Put the ball in their hands and have them either take a shot or kick it out with 3 seconds left on the clock.

It’s awful to watch sometimes. Especially when they all go cold like they did in game 2 against the Jazz in the 4th. That was depressing.

PG, Russ, and Melo didn’t make ANY shots. They all got COLD. Yet Silly, I mean Billy, thought it’s a good idea to isolate them every posession. Maybe a little bit of pick and roll, which I will talk about later. But that’s just unnacceptable. Jerami Grant was the leading scorer in the 4th. Call some plays to get him some good looks. Oh wait… Silly Billy doesn’t have any.

Here’s a real kicker. Game 6 when OKC got eliminated. PG got 5 points on 16 attempts. Melo got 7 points on only 7. Which I ultimately fault them for that. Scorers should never score that low in a playoff game. Especially a superstar caliber player like PG. But Silly Billy had them doing isolation. Like I said before, works great when they get hot. But they… didn’t… get… hot…

Russell Westbrook… Shot the ball damn near 43 times. Why??? Billy is just sitting back watching this, allowing it to happen. Yes, he got 46 points. But he better shooting that much. Like seriously. I give Russ credit for trying to will the team to victory, but come on man. Silly Billy should recognize that this isn’t working, and shouldn’t be happening. Call a timeout, regroup everyone. Get a little scheme going or something. But nah, he just watches.

Speaking of watching… Steven Adams got 19 points on only 11 attempts and got 16 rebounds. He was eating. He didn’t get any plays called for him, he just got the ball whenever he could and did pretty good with it. He was matched up against smaller guys over and over. You’d think Billy would see that, and exploit it. But he didn’t. He just let Russ chuck up 43 shots.

That’s just frustrating.

Pick and Roll

80% of the game is isolation. The other 20% is pick and roll. Sometimes it works against less athletic or smaller teams. But it is so bad.

When Russ picks and rolls with Adams. Doesn’t matter if he has two people or even three people team up on him. Sometimes his tunnel vision has him attempting a lay up anyways.

Adams is big and powerful. Sets very efficient screens. But unless if he’s around the rim, he can’t score. Teams recognize that. He can bully just about anyone on the floor but Gobert. When Gobert is on the floor, Adams can’t score unless he gets leverage inside or the Jazz switched someone smaller on him. He has a very limited skill set on offense. But he is solid everywhere else.

OKC’s pick and roll is just very inefficient.

Lack of a playbook

When I watch OKC games. I can’t help but notice that they really have no playbook. Or at least they don’t use it.

Like I stated before. It’s just iso and pick & roll.

Silly Billy doesn’t draw up any plays to get other players involved.

Everyone just kind of stands around waiting to catch and shoot with the clock running out after Russ or whoever can’t find a shot. Only time the other guys really get involved is on fast breaks. But even then that’s all Russell.

Bill can’t coach. Plain and simple.

Can’t have other ball dominant stars

I ranted about Billy Donovan. I don’t need to make my point anymore. He just can’t coach and utilize all his players.

But now let’s talk about Russ and the team itself.

Russ has played with Kevin Durant, James Harden, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony.

All talented ball handlers. But here’s one problem. Russell Westbrook is a ball handler too.

He needs the ball in his hands. That’s his game.

I hope management realizes that they can’t have another ball dominant player on the team.

It just doesn’t work out.

Russ’s strengths are his athleticism and will power. He takes it to the paint. He passes to open guys. He grabs the rebound before anyone else. He’s so aggressive and plays with so much heart. That’s what’s so special about him.

Russ’s weakness is his ability to know and be aware of his weaknesses. He’s not a great shooter. Yet chucks up shots way too much. His ruthless aggression causes tunnel vision which sometimes hurts the team. He’s too prideful to coexist with another ego, or even with someone else who’s a ball handler.

So seeing these pros and cons.

Managment needs to put sharpshooters around him. Blow money to get the most elite shooters you can. They need another big man who’s the opposite of Adams. Or can atleast hit a mid range jumper and has some post moves. Then they need to bring more depth. Russ can’t be the man every night. Get the man some help around him. Maybe get a ball handler to play off the bench when Russ is off the court.

One thing about Russ’s skill set is… It won’t last much longer. As opposed to players like Chris Paul who can still be a top tier in his 30s. Russ relies heavily on his athleticism. That’s usually the first thing that goes as players age. Unless he can develop other aspects of his game. He’ll be a shell of himself within 5 years. So you need to put these pieces in place ASAP. Or you won’t be relevant after Russ fades away.

Either that or trade him now to get as many assets as you can while he’s as valuable as he is.

Regardless, of what may happen. They need to fire Billy and go with someone else. It’s just ridiculous.

Let me know what you think about the Thunder below.

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