Man… This offseason has been all over the place. Players moving from team to team with lots of drama. It’s like a real life soap opera.

DeMarcus Cousins

He is a… I’ll keep it rated PG. He turned down a Pelicans offer in the middle of the regular seaon and went with the Warriors for chump change. JUST because he couldn’t get what he wanted, which was a max contract. Which honestly, makes sense if you have no spine. If you can’t get paid might as well get a ring right? I don’t have much to say because it’s a weak move on his part. But I have major respect for the Warriors front office for always adding talent to an already almost unstoppable team. They may be unstoppable with Cousins on the squad now or he could mess up the chemistry big time. We’ll have to see.

DeMar DeRozan & Kawhi Leonard

This is awful on the Raptors part. Not too many big name players like Canada and DeRozan actually LOVES Toronto. The front office told him he wasn’t getting traded and then they traded him. That’s weak sauce but it’s also business. In a business sense, however, what sense does that make? You have the face of the franchise who is super loyal and you trade for someone who’s most likely going to leave after a year. Yes, you upgraded from a RSX Acura to a Lambo. But that Lambo is a RENTAL and in today’s NBA you can’t really rent to buy. That’s pretty unwise in my opinion. But what do I know? Unless if Kawhi stays they lost this trade big time. They have Danny Green though…

It’s a good move on San Antonio’s part in terms of this trade, even though they could’ve gotten more in return from another team. Seems like a petty move on Pop’s part just because Kawhi didn’t want to be in San Antonio anymore. So he sends him to the last place he would want to be. But they did get DeRozan, Poeltl who’s a needed young center, and a 2019 first round pick to speed up the mini-rebuild the Spurs are doing right now. The Spurs benefitted regardless. I don’t think they can lose this one either way.

Los Angeles Lakers

We all know what’s up. LeBron is a LAKER now. There’s a lot of mixed emotions about this signing but regardless the Lakers are probably contenders again, we’ll have to watch and see what happens. But besides LeBron they added a lot of depth and kept the young core besides Julius Randle. This team has size and versatility to match up against the Warriors. The Rockets are attempting to out-shoot the Warriors which actually could’ve worked if CP3 never went down with an injury. The Lakers are taking a different approach, they want to limit the 3-point threat with good defense and play physical basketball.

At point guard they’ll have 48 minutes of pure playmaking and solid perimeter defense. Rondo and Ball taking turns guarding Curry sounds like a problem for the Warriors. Ball is lengthy enough to where Livingston can’t work him in the mid-range. The Warriors can possibly have issues there if Rondo and Ball can handle splitting playing time.

The Lakers match up pretty well against the Warriors too every where else except down low. Although you have Durant, Draymond and Klay who can do it all, as well as a solid bench led by Iggy. The Lakers have versatility, size and depth too. Lance, KCP, and Hart play the 2 and also the 3. That’s a good mix of offense, defense, and annoyance. Of course you have LeBron who does it all at high level. But you also have Ingram and Kuzma who both have a lot of promise at the forward spots. Beasley provides efficient offense. I don’t think the Warriors can handle that consistently. But on the flip side McGee & Zubac vs. Boogie doesn’t sound favorable for the Lakers. I’m very interested in seeing what happens.

What are some things that shocked you? Let us know!

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