Memoirs of a Businessman, Chapter 7
The Laurel House Scandal part 1

Thinking back hurts.
Seeing the same thing repeatedly hurts even more. I had to learn that sometimes, even if we have a vision, the Lord’s plan will always be. No matter how many times we tell someone something they won’t hear us. Some people willfully wear a veil over their eyes, a seal over their heart, and this isn’t to be removed by you. It’s as sacred as an ancient boundary stone.
I walked in the rain a few nights after this event, crying out to Yahweh: Why, God?! Why do you keep showing me the same thing over and over again if I don’t have the power to change it?
May 2004
We focus in on four people at the dining area of a moderate California home.
“Just stop flinching Yeshua! You want the damn tat or not?? You gonna make me mess up and then you’ll really be pissed!”
“Shit hurts bro! You digging in there with the needle or what? Babe, bring me another beer and light that blunt. For an arm tat this nigga taking for fucking ever.”
“All right Daddy I got you!” Krystal responded. She brought me another beer and lit the hefty blunt resting in the ash tray on the table nearby.
I inhaled, the thick smoke forming a cloud that hovered listlessly in the dining room. If only I could see the foreboding doom then, lingering in the marijuana smog, warning of a menacing future.
(2 weeks prior)
“Yeshua, why you act like just cause I’m 40 my pussy ain’t shit nigga??!” Bobbi asked with a self-serving grin.
“Look girl, I know about you. The rest of these niggas might be fooled by you but I’m not. You’re out here turning tricks! Now you’re going to bring your under aged daughter into this house and have her doing the exact same fucking thing like this is the life we supposed to have!”
Suddenly a horn honked, I jumped up from my bed and went outside of the house.
“Eh. Is Bobbi here??”
I squinted my eyes. This character was shady by the looks, waiting in front of the house. It gave me no reason to false accuse just yet.
“Yea bro! She’s in the house.” I said. “I’ll go get her. Can you do me a favor though? I see you bagging up your work in front of the house. Can you put it away until you leave? A lot of parole officers and shit come here.”
“Fuck you! Who you think you is homeboy? Just go get Bobbi!”
All I could think was this guy just told me to go to hell! I looked back at him with conviction.
“Sho’, you right playa! I got you!” I humbly replied.
I walked back into the house and told Bobbi I got her. Called my homies soon after, told them how the young man in front of the house was acting.
“Don’t trip we’re there in like 15 minutes Yesh! How heavy is the situation, Yesh??”
“Not very heavy my ninja! Just some randoms!” I said.
“O this’ll be fun.”
*Click* the phone hung up.
Faster than I could get outside the homies pulled up in the 6deuce bumping GAME and NWA, car full of heavy fog, smoking a blunt. As soon as they did Bobbi hurried outside and got in the car. “We were just leaving Yesh!”
“Yea I bet you were!” I said with a smirk.
Little did I know, this wouldn’t be the last encounter at the Laurel House.

To be continued…

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