The Kings haven’t made a playoff appearance in 12 years!!!

The Kings have been very unfortunate. Haven’t had a winning season since the 2005-06 season.
Lots of coaches coming in and out.
They shipped DeMarcus Cousins to the Kings because their rebuild efforts failed.
Now their rebuilding after rebuilding, ain’t that funny?
But… They have some young promising talent.


De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield have lots of potential and I expect them to develop into a dynamic backcourt.

Fox has a very similar style of play to John Wall. He drives with tremendous speed and finishes with great atheticism. He has great body control, hits very tough shots. Fox isn’t a great shooter from deep, but throughout the season he’s improved, also has a decent mid-range pull up jumper too. He’s also a good passer for a rookie. Solid defender, can pick your pockets and finish on the other end. Fox has a lot of upside. He may be their franchise player in a few years. Still early though.

Buddy Hield is a very good shooter. He’s great at creating his own shot, catches and shoots with efficiency and when he’s hot, he just doesn’t miss. Only thing I can say is, working on his consistency. Buddy can drop 20+. He just needs to do it every night to become a legit star for this team.

You also have Bogdan Bogdanovic who’s a very good shooter, like his older brother Bojan.

Frank Mason and Justin Jackson had great college careers. Although they haven’t proven themselves yet. Frank had some god games this season. They have potential to at least be solid back ups for the Kings.


One player who stands out is Willie Cauley-Stein. He has a wide skill set. Lay ups, hooks, dunks, alley-oops, mid-range jump shots, drop steps, you name it. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. There’s times when he just locked down the paint and set multiple shots back this season. WCS’s a good offensive rebounder too. He’s quick for his size and drives very well. He has nothing but upside. The more he works on his skills, the more deadly he’s going to be. WCS is going to be a force pretty soon.

You also have Skal Labissiere who’s more of a stretch big. He can get some boards and blocks. But he’s best at catching and shooting. Great length at the 4 spot and has good speed like WCS. Those two compliment each other well.

Herry Giles hasn’t played this season but he had a good college career, definitely hopes for him.

Small Forward

They need a small foward to complete this young team. Perhaps they draft Michael Porter Jr???

In the back court Fox is a good slashing point who’s steadily improving his shot and Buddy Hield who’s a very good shooter. Both solid defensively.

In the front court you have Willie Cauley-Stein who has a variety of moves down low and is working on his ability to stretch the floor with Skal Labissiere having the ability to stretch the floor.

Porter being solid all around may be the glue they need to become competitive. They’re a young team with lots of upside. Maybe having some veterans on the bench, too. 5 years from now we may be talking about a playoff contender at the least.

Do you think the Kings can become a contender within 5 years?

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