I wasn’t unsure what to write to you this morning. So, I’ll make this one about books. Books can be the single, determining factor in how your thoughts are formed in the subconscious mind, and what you believe your ultimate capabilities are.

You are what you read.

This is to say, correctly, that if you do not read anything, you will be nothing.

Whaaaaat? But, I hate reading.

I’ve heard this a lot throughout my travels. Seeing people without the need for proper brain food has urged me to wonder why this is acceptable. I mean, you read texts right? You read sensational, and puff-pieces online about celebrities; tabloids that do little to enhance your life.

I bet the tea was good, though.

The truth is, however: your frame of information becomes smaller. As do your personal abilities. This is unsafe. I said before that being uncomfortable could be a great time for you to grow. We control our minds and habits. Therefore, if you WANT to we can WILL it so.

Knowing this, I’ve come to realize this is not about hating reading but not finding anything interesting to read!! Shame on publishers for not making books cooler, huh.

Trust me, there’s something out there for you.

1) Comic books:
Comics offer a β€œbest-of-both-worlds” model, combining visual elements and written dialogue, or prose in some cases, to deliver a contrastive experience. I’m a huge fan of Scottish writer Grant Morrison. When I’m in need of mind bending, metaphysical, mystical, and otherwise strange themes, he’s always there to provide something wacky and visceral. Recommended reads: Final Crisis(DC Comics), Joe the Barbarian(Vertigo), Multiversity(DC Comics), We3(Vertigo).

Game of Thrones!!

2) Fiction novels:
Don’t want to sit through hundreds of pages of some guy’s life story? Well, have an adventure!! Anywhere from 100-500+ pages, there are stories waiting, ready to answer any questions about life you may have felt difficult. Into love triangles? Twilight(Stephanie Meyer), A Home at the End of the World(Michael Cunningham). High-fantasy adventure and drama? Game of Thrones(George R.R. Martin) Steampunk? The Mortal Engines series. The list is endless.

3) Non-Fiction books on Education, Essays, and Biographies:
Probably one of my favorite categories in recent years because it’s helped me deal with how to manage myself in life and business. The 4-Hour Workweek(Tim Ferriss) has detailed information and online tools to help you plan financial freedom and the escape of your 9-5. Supergods(Grant Morrison) goes in depth about a man’s journey to discovering the world inside, and beyond superheroes. Girlboss(Lena Dunham) empowers women of all types to take their passions and turn them into an empire.

All-in-all, what you fill your mind with is what your thoughts and actions will be. Are you ready to escape the doldrums of average, daily life, or looking for romance? Learn new words, strengthen your conversational ability, increase your mind power and change your life. Books and words are like food: what you eat is what you shit. End of story. You’re the only one left with your mind at the end of the day.

Tell me, has this inspired you to read more? Let me know what kind of books you think you’d be interested in.

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Hi, I'm Adrean. I'm a writer of some words and picto-fics(comics...). I love science fiction, and most of all I love helping others.

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