I had a panic attack last week.


It’s a suffocating veil; a pair of pliers pulling at your skin, an inescapable plastic bag over your head.

Confronting anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress isn’t easy, however.

These demons are meant to be confronted head-on and by any means necessary.

Let me tell you: It felt great afterwards.

It took a while for it to feel this way and it still isn’t all the way right… But, positive thinking is the catalyst for things to start looking brighter in your world.

β€œYour beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Life felt better for it.

Life is a shelter. Either you maintain it, or let it degrade and lose value. Changing one’s mind can be the single most difficult thing in the world. Remember in my last letter to you, we spoke about setting the meme for your day?

Let’s rethink meme for a second and I may get a little high-brow, but I’ll do my best for you to understand:

Meme is short for memetics. These are your thoughts and actions.

Funny, huh.

You’re going to pick up your phone when you wake up and review some content, check email or texts, calls. Let’s use this to re-imagine a concept: control your diet. Information Diet, and what you absorb into your mind every morning.

  • Watch a video to do with your daily goal, search a positive hashtag.

A lot of this too has to do with clean pre-sleeping rituals, too.

Which, I think I’ll write to you next time.

Write me back your results. Talk to you tomorrow.

About Adrean Klein

Hi, I'm Adrean. I'm a writer of some words and picto-fics(comics...). I love science fiction, and most of all I love helping others.

One thought on “How to Become Successful in 2019: Memes

  1. Better tech for a cleaner world. Cause no one is perfect but our imperfections make us palpable. Almost time for another chapter from Yeshua Blaque

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