Good morning. How are you? Are you benefiting from the things in my last email?

I haven’t eaten yet, and it’s nothing I Want you to feel bad for. I planned a different message, however, I was compelled to write this one. Beware human’s worst enemy. You know people around you whom wish to complete a task or reach certain goals, including me – yet somewhere along the way they lose momentum. They become stuck in β€œanalysis paralysis.” Standing still. In fear of never having enough.

You’ve heard it before. Maybe even said it yourself: β€œI need to do more research,” or the infamous, β€œI don’t have… πŸ’΅, ⏱️, or…”

While this may seem like a healthy course of action, it isn’t, and can be detrimental to your success in the near future.

Things are moving faster, information becomes old the moment it’s published and products become phased out by their younger, faster, smarter counterparts made by you or the competition.

Even you, one day, will have to execute more innovative, creative, and daring goals in life to remain on the cutting-edge. This isn’t simply: keeping up with the times. It is being as sharp a tool for yourself and your community through avid learning and participation.

Imagine a young seedling in the ground, ready to burst from it’s shell and begin new life as a flower. It stretches, breaking past the first barrier with an idea; the scent of fresh air, budding leaves, when suddenly…it stops. Why?

At this stage in it’s life, it is too late to ponder the old: β€œHow will I eat? How will I get air? What if the outside world isn’t as I expected?” Our plant that was ready to burst into new life has lost it’s will to thrive.

The truth is, there will never be enough. You won’t ever be the best, and finding food will always be a struggle…

…if you stop growing.

All this talk of food is reminding me I didn’t eat. Think about what this means, and please, message or call in your thoughts.

With confidence,

About Adrean Klein

Hi, I'm Adrean. I'm a writer of some words and picto-fics(comics...). I love science fiction, and most of all I love helping others.

2 thoughts on “How to Become Successful in 2019: Analysis Paralysis

  1. Everything starts with a morning prayer and then a good breakfast and remember to always talk to the universe because the universe hears your every thoughts just my comment was a little bit off this morning so I’m sending you I thought. right now you must believe in yourself and stay focused and think positive that’s the start of a good business for 2019 everything starts with a plan and a prayer

  2. Everything starts with a morning prayer and a good breakfast that’s first then you can plan your day let me never talk to the universe and tell the universe your heart’s desire and asked it to guide your footsteps and believe watch you do that you are in line to have a successful business, stay focus and think positive you on the road to have a successful 2019 remember that you must believe in yourself.

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