Hatred & Ignorance

I. Misconception

The #1 thing about hatred is, there’s usually a misconception.

People tend to hate someone or something they don’t know much about.


Like when people sit or kneel during the anthem or pledge.

There’s a HUGE misconception pushed by the media primarily that people who don’t stand are anti-US or don’t like the troops.

Which is not true at all.

People protest because there’s injustices, there’s oppression, there’s inequality, the anthem glorifies slavery, veterans come home homeless, etc. Many reasons.

But certain groups of people won’t accept that truth or simply ignore it. That’s a form of ignorance.

The only hate that is not a result of a misconception is reactionary hate.

Reactionary hate is human nature.

Let’s look at slavery.

Some slaves hated their masters. That’s natural. That’s reactionary.

They get whipped, oppressed, killed, etc. because white people either hate colored people or honestly think they’re doing a good deed.

So in return there’s hostility built up.

Hate crimes is caused by someone’s faulty view of a group of people.

White people lynched minorities and other white people who supported them because they viewed them as scum or lesser to at least some extent.

Some AmeriKKKans hate Muslims because they view them as violent, immoral, evil, worthless, you get the idea.

That misconception is carried out by major news media outlets.

People slurp it up and take it for fact.

When really, Muslims are generally good people. Just like Christians. There’s more similarities than differences.

Misconceptions can lead to hate.

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