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Memoirs of a Businessman
Introduction: How to become a Great Businessman

Yeshua Black: Is it me or is the world going to hell in a hand basket more and more each day?

People like to assume we are advancing. It just doesn’t seem so. We all experience accomplishment and failures in different ways. We celebrate and mourn in different ways. We praise different Gods and all seek different spiritual truths. And at the end of it, we still have major conflicts because of these things.

When it comes to yours truly…

I was raised Christian and I believe Yeshua is Black. I am extremely empathic, allowing the pain of others to affect me more than my own. So much that it has become easier for me to block my mind from this truth. Cut myself out of a deal. Set my progress aside for a group effort. But ask the rest of the world to do the same. Hell, you’re better off base jumping with an extra long rope. It might just hurt less. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything?

Well, in all my years of business, I’ve seen dope dealers turn legal businessmen, businesswomen turn cut throat, and everything in between. I’ve grown around all types of organizations, some legal others illegal, some benevolent and others not so much. I’ve been a radio personality, a club host, an artist, and an executive. Sometimes I’m introverted and sometimes I’m not. Mostly I’ve just been me or who I thought I was.

My brother once referred to this process as the “secrets which should never be told.”

It’s hilarious what the accountant really knows.

You know how many empires have been brought down by the janitor???

It’s a metric that proves Yahweh has a sense of humor.

Think about it for a second.

This is the guy who crawls thru your trash every day. It’s why I tend to shred my business records and delete emails. I erase messenger content, and change my passwords every few months.

My brother once referred to this process as the “secrets which should never be told.”

I see you scrolling impatiently.

Well, here, each week I’m going to share a few of these secrets(sometimes biweekly because life happens) and give you a piece of my soul in hopes of doing what we all want to do:

• Share my story
• Help others with my art
• And make a pretty penny in return.

Call it selling out if you want to. But answer me this:

Would you do the same if the opportunity came to you?

Along with a piece of my life, you will receive my perspective on business as well.

It’ll all depend on how I feel(I suppose that tends to change from time to time).

Speaking of time which indeed is the one commodity we can’t get back I’ll stop wasting your people’s precious hours and get to the first story out of our collection.

I see you scrolling impatiently.

Let me guess. You’re about to throw that Kindle out of the window or press that X in the corner of the web browser.

You feel you could be doing better things with your time(like listening to that new Nöir single. I heard that boy hot as fish grease!). However, when you multitask as much as I, you learn to keep multiple windows open. This way when your boss walks in the room, you can pretend to be working diligently.

Isn’t that how the SEC failed to manage the housing crisis correctly?

Enough jokes though and yes I am a fourth wall novelist!

Let’s get to the filth and the flarn (if it’s not a word it is now!).

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Introduction: How to become a Great Businessman

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Hi. I'm Yeshua Black and I believe in good business. God fearing Master of Ceremonies & Microphone Coordinator of $hould've Been On with Jae Sygns. Author of Memoirs of a Businessman. Twitter @ Yeshua_Blaque

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