The Evolution of a Logo 2


Continuing from Part 1.


Down the timeline, 4 years ago I went to re-engage with the development process of Sygns Music. Around that time, I was surrounding myself with more professionals in the entertainment industry, not just as a learner, but as a peer, taking the leap forward and finally using my degree in communications to help others. Sygns Media was born as a result.
This presented another set of issues:
1) Do I rebrand the music side?
2) Do I dissolve the company entirely for a new entity?
3) What of my existing client base?
4) What do they need?
Again with that… Caring actually works, but that’s a lesson for another day.
I went back to the drawing board, quite literally and came up with some ideas. A new website and logo would fit all of the properties, including books now, into the fold and let the world know what I spent the last 7 years struggling to learn.
Here’s what we came up with:

As you can see, we moved from the 2009 logo and began to go for something edgy. Ultimately, for us, learning to properly serve our customers by caring; knowing who they were, what they liked, and what they needed, helped to service the logo better. This enabled me to look at our previous designs, examine what worked and what didn’t. Companies and brands always need new logos, or to add a new flare to an existing design. As with Coke and several others:

Oftentimes, simple is best.

Our new logo is what you see on the site, our packaging slips, letterhead, and even merch. While I don’t regret any of the previous failures, I’d love to set them as reminders of where we were(or shouldn’t have been). No more unnecessarily wasted time & cash. Let us help.
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