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A brand is more than your logo. It took me many years of failed attempts to understand just how important this was. I began a humble student of communications in 2007 with the idea of creating a business for myself in music production. How do you begin doing this? A logo, I thought. Thus, the journey of creating my first logo began.

Here’s what we came up with:

There are too many differences in size, color, and fonts. While cool for a rookie, something just isn’t quite right. BLASTPhemous even sounds decent, right? Maybe not. And no YOU can’t use it, I’d advise checking the trademarking listings first (😉). I digress.

It’s about 2008 and BLASTPhemous never really takes off. Probably was the logo. Maybe the music production sucked. Looking back, none of that truly hit the nail though. In all honesty, my lack of identifying our target markets, business administration, and even operations were a huge participation in failure as well.

My motto: “Take me how you found me. Nothing more, nothing less,” is a great philosophy to live by. Doesn’t always mean it’ll work. (😢).

So, with more understanding of communications and branding, I went for the overhaul, even so much as to [rebrand] entirely. Synesthete Productions was born.

Here’s what we came up with:

Getting better!

Yeah… No.

This was a time when I understood little to nothing about colour and was determined on being a rebel in design. Ask me today, I’m a colour fanatic(it’s very important to the process). The green and blue is earthy, feels like a breath of fresh air, and at least the symbol emphasizes what I do…

But, nah. We’re gonna move past this entirely and forget it ever happened.

You see, at this point there are a ton of issues with my branding: Who am I speaking to? What do I do? More importantly: What do they like? What do they need? About a year in, and a mildly successful family business in tour management, I began to feel as if the discovery of those earlier questions couldn’t be answered with a massive blue and green mess.

It’s trash

This leads us to the beginning of where we are today:

Much better. Not only does it carry my identity but it clearly states(even with horribly placed and designed font) what and who I am in service to: music. I want to take this time to address the details: A lot of us have the idea to start a brand, design clothing, or write a book. And while it’s awesome to be able to build something from idea to product, we often get too familiar with ourselves in the process. I’ve mentioned it several times throughout:
1) Who am I speaking to?
2) What am I doing?
3) How am I going to do it?
4) What does my target audience need?
Not in that order. However, you must answer them before considering your new brand and it’s logo. Answering those first will make all the rest easier. Let us help and join us for part 2.

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One thought on “Evolution of a Brand Logo

  1. I remember a few years back we’re not counting the years but it’s been awhile when you talk to me call me I’m working on a logo for your music you send me different drawings of logos then you decide to pick this drawings that you have send me the logo that you have now didn’t come over night it came with a lot of thought and preparation and talking to me and other people you wanted to find a logo that was going to jump out at people when you presented your card your business card so this logo that you have is really your baby I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world because it didn’t come to you overnight when you have time call me and we will talk about it because I remember step by step how you came about the logo that you have and believe that when I say it do jump out and people notice when you present your card the color jumps out at people so this is your this is your baby I said keep the same one you have because it took months before you got this sign the design the logo getting rid of this would be like getting rid of your little baby this logo is your baby call me so we can talk.

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