The Guide:

So tensions between white and minority, left and right, rich and poor, have been heating up over the NFL protests. If you’re on either side or stuck in the middle. Here’s a guide for you.

1. Maybe you sit because the anthem glorifies slavery.

2. Maybe you stand because you or loved ones served.


3. Maybe you kneel because of injustices.


4. Maybe you say fuck it all because of what the president said.


5. Doesn’t matter what you do.


6. It’s all about respecting and understanding one another.


7. No one’s hurting anybody for protesting.


8. You’re in no position to judge a peaceful act.


9. Patriotism should not be mandatory. It should be earned.


10. If you don’t allow peaceful revolution.


11. Violent revolution is inevitable.


12. The majority of white people don’t fully understand the reason for such protests. Which is okay.


13. Not wanting to understand why we protest is not okay. That’s cognitive dissonance. Privilege.


14. If you don’t care why. We don’t care why not.

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