Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves is HERE for the world to enjoy.

For those who don’t know:

Hezekiah is a Philadelphia based emcee, producer, and songwriter, who’s worked on several incredible projects.

Bilal, Airtight’s Revenge, Plug Research; A Love Surreal, eOne Music; Johnny Popcorn; Talib Kweli, Rawkus Record

His 4th EP, Hezekiah takes a departure from his previous works, as explained during his recent interview(you can view here) with the Disposable Art crew.

In the video, below, Hezekiah gives some insight on the creation of the album and it’s origins. Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves seems like it’s full of interesting content to digest, including an instrumental version of the album, and a short film.

Needless to say, go show support. Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves is out NOW. CLICK HERE!

Happy Black History Month.

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