What we specialize in:

Brand strategy and positioning

Content creation

Social media analytics

Content marketing

Understanding pricing:

As of January 1 2019 We will offer --


Best for longer term projects. More time devoted to project goals. Longer allotted time access to campaign manager. Contract goals changeable each month. Updates on results may be less frequent but yield more substantial results.
As of January 1 2019 We will NO LONGER offer --


Every hour is logged to keep track and display results. Results may not be quick as a result. Access to campaign manager may be limited. Project scope and goals may not be fully achieved with fewer hours.


One payment process with predictable budget. No uncertainty on pricing and contract structure, everything laid out early on. Greater focus on strategics and executing goals. Timeline established early. Contracts and goals are unalterable.

Analytics and UX(User Experience design)

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