Celtics will continue dominating the eastern conference for decades.

Much like the Spurs and Pop.

Here’s why.

1. Brad Stevens

Stevens is coach of the year no question. Quickly rising as one of the greatest minds in the league. When Pop retires. He’s going to be the best coach in the league.

This dynasty starts with him.

He’s sculpted a system that works no matter who’s on the court.

No Kyrie, no Hayward and for a while no Smart. But they still perform efficiently at a high level.

Stevens instilled discipline and hustle into every player. They never break and they go hard every possession. The chemistry between players is through the roof.

Rozier filled Kyrie’s shoes no problem. He’s playing with extreme confidence, especially in the playoffs. Hayward went down early, but Brown and Tatum filled in no problem. When the starting lineup is off the court, the bench produces about the same with consistency.

Movement on and off the ball is smooth and precise. The pick and roll is executed very well. The players recognize mismatches with no hesitation whatsoever. They fight for every rebound.

On defense, they make every possession tough. Any mistake and they will score on the other end. They go hard for boards. They’re physical no matter how outmatched they are. Smart made Giannis’ job difficult, that should be easy for Giannis.

This is all thanks to Brad Stevens. The players are fully invested in him.

Not only the system and mindsets his implemented. But he fully understands every player’s strengths and weaknesses. He plays everyone to their strengths and masks their weaknesses. With the exception of Isaiah Thomas, every player who’s left Boston have not performed as well on their new teams.

Stevens knows how to gameplan against every team. He will exploit your weaknesses. Opposing teams have to stay sharp or pay the consequences.

Sounds a lot like the Spurs huh?

2. The Roster

First things first, besides Al Horford, the core players are young.

Gordon Haywrd is in the beginning of his prime at 28 years of age.

Kyrie Irving is only 26, not even in his prime yet.

Smart, Brown, Tatum, and Rozier are all 24 and under.

These are players the Celtics will build on for many years to come.

Like I stated earlier, Stevens created a system that works for everybody.

But these players individually are weapons.

Kyrie, Rozier, Tatum, and Brown can iso and score in multiple ways.

Hordford and even Morris can post up no problem.

Teams have to worry about both the movement of the ball and what the players can all do by themselves.

Only other teams with that ability are the Warriors, the Spurs when Kawhi was healthy, and to a lesser extent, the Rockets.

Marcus Smart, Aron Baynes, Shane Larkin, and Greg Monroe are free agents this summer.

There’s plenty of Baynes’ in the league. Larkin is only the 3rd PG, easily replaceable. I may consider keeping Monroe as a backup to Horford or maybe even a starter and moving Al to PF. Monroe is pretty much an Enes Kanter.

Celtics can live without Smart, he’s no longer a starter. But he’s a great piece to have on the bench. I would resign him depending on how much he wants.

Rozier will be a restricted free agent next summer. Besides that. Everyone is under contract for the long haul. This team will be together for a while. Good news for Celtics fans.

3. Free Agency

I don’t need to say much here.

The Celtics are a very prestigious franchise in the league.

They can sign just about anybody.

If, for some reason, they lose a key player. They can fill the void.

The Celtics will be a force as long as Brad Stevens is coach.
What teams do you think can match the Celtics?

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