The Celtics have a problem???

It’s pretty clear that the Celtics will be a powerhouse in the east for the next decade. They are STACKED. They have the right system. They have a future hall of fame coach in Brad Stevens. Danny Ainge is like the finesse kid. So what will they do this offseason???

2018-19 Starting Line-Up

Before I even get into their offseason moves. Their starting line up SHOULD be Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward & Al Horford. Regardless what happens. Now, a lot of people question whether or not Tatum or Hayward can play PF. Which is fair, they’re both good perimeter defenders. But people aren’t sure if they can defend the post like a Draymond Green or even a PJ Tucker.

Here’s my rebuttal. They have a weight room. Tatum will be much stronger and bulkier next year. Hayward isn’t very small to begin with. He can hit the weight room too. The league is heading towards positionless basketball. More and more teams are going small ball. Which means versatility is a must. With this being said, Hayward & Tatum both have the right skill sets and abilities to play that 4 spot. As a whole, offensively, they already cause match up problems from Kyrie all the way to their bench. Defensively, they hustle and they play very physical. If size does become an issue, they can move Horford to PF and have someone like Baynes at C. They will be alright.


I heard rumors about the Celtics being interested in moving up to get a young center who fits their scheme. Who would they give up though?

Like I said previously, Kyrie, Jaylen, Jayson, Hayward, and Horford need to be on the team next year to compete with their newly re-wedded rival 76ers, and teams like the Rockets and Warriors in the west. So no trading them. Which means Rozier may be on the block. Smart is set to be a restricted free agent, which I’m a believer in keeping him too. He plays an important role. No trading him. They can’t add Monroe or Baynes to the trade either because they’re set to be free agents as well. Daniel Theis & Semi Ojeleye are available to trade. But I wouldn’t want to trade them either. Especially Ojeleye, he did a great job guarding Giannis Antetokounmpo in the first round. Lots of upside with him. Marcus Morris seems like the odd man out.

So I don’t see them being able to trade for a high pick without giving too much up. But maybe a 10th pick or a little lower seems reasonable. I don’t think the Nets will ever trade a pick again…

Free Agency

First of, let me say this. Even if they do include Rozier in a trade for a pick. They don’t need to target a point guard, or a shooting guard, or a small forward. They should look towards the front court.

I know I been talking about Derrick Favors a lot. But I honestly think he’s an underrated player. He would obviously be riding the bench if he does get picked up by the Celtics. He’s nice piece to have next to Horford if they decide to go big man. Or to simply play him to rest Horford. He’s a tough, versatile defender down low, which fits Boston’s brand of basketball really well. Which makes me think… If the Celtics do decide to trade Horford, which makes sense salary cap wise, Favors could replace him no problem. He doesn’t shoot as well as Horford, but he can make up for it with his rebounding. Both play physical defense.

If Danny decides to move on from Smart. I can see them going after Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Avery Bradley. Both good 3 & D players. Bradley would probably fit better because he’s played for Boston before. There’s really so much the Celtics can do. It’s crazy.

Danny Ainge & Brad Stevens are taking over the east!!!

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