Anarcho-capitalism would end racism. When you end the state. You end racism. This is because the system of government is synonymous with the system of racism. AmeriKKKa was built on racism!

Let me give you a brief history lesson.

This is a map of where Africans were shipped.

Racism began in the early 1600s. Arabs started the Trans-Saharan slave trade and Europeans joined in starting the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They exported Africans everywhere. America included. They loaded them on boats like sardines. Most of them died. Let me clear the water before I continue. Black people were here already. Natives used to be darker too. After many years of poor conditions, unfair treatment and other factors. European, Native and African servants got tired of it and decided to form rebellions against the rich plantation owners. Due to the rebellions hurting the owners’ profits and the death of the rich, they had to come up with an idea to stop the rebellions. They couldn’t use force because they were greatly outnumbered. So these rich white men decided to create the concept of race. They called the Africans “black” and took away all freedoms and made them slaves and called Europeans “white” and granted poor whites privileges over black slaves. This is where slave patrol(which eventually evolves into modern day policing) came about. This gave the illusion that whites are superior and created the on going cycle of poor(and eventually middle-class) whites blaming blacks for taking all the jobs on plantations instead of looking at the people with money as the reason they have none. Today the same happens. Poor and middle class whites blame blacks(and other minorities) for taking all their money and jobs. While rich whites laugh they asses off and sip tea in their private jets. This whole system of racism was, of course, protected by government. Government = racism.

What will happen if racism ended today?

Government will end or at least undergo DRASTIC changes. Racism is why you have the illusion of a two party system, class system, war on drugs, war on terror, mass incarceration, police brutality, monopolies in most industries, mainstream media(Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), education systems teaching useless information, income inequality and potentially every issue or topic that exists in AmeriKKKa today. So if racism ends, so does AmeriKKKan politics, socioeconomics, markets, industries, major corportations and just about everything. The whole nation would be in choas. A new nation would be born. Hopefully we all learned from the mistake of having governments and create an anarchist society.

But what if government ended?

We’ve already declared that government is synonymous with racism in AmeriKKKa. Government protects the system of racism. So if you peel off the banana peel the banana will eventually rot. Government won’t be there to sign laws and acts to protect major corporations. Goverment won’t continue the class system so the barrier between rich and poor will crumble to the ground. Government won’t be able to fund the war on drugs or terror so you can finally smoke a crack pipe with an AK-47 on your back on a plane ride to D.C. and piss on the White House, peacefully. Mass incarcaration will cease to exist because 1. drugs ain’t illegal and 2. the Supreme Court can’t sentence anyone to prison because it won’t exist. Police brutality won’t exist because they won’t be paid to enforce unjust laws on people so they will go back to being generally moral people. I could keep going. You get the idea.

How will Anarcho-Capitalism(a.k.a. Free Market Society) prevent racism?

Before I answer that. Let me just say that “ism” means ideology AND system. So since the system has been demolished racism won’t exist but racial prejudice may still exist past that. The ideology may still exist but not to a high degree if any degree due to media not being there to sway perspective to dehumanize and criminalize minority groups and the simple fact rich white people can’t impact your life with government anymore so you can’t mistake mental slavery with black people being nuisances to society. So back to the question at hand. Government will be replaced with independent companies. Example: Since the police won’t be in existence. There will be a demand for protection within a community so there will be protection agencies that can offer endless amounts of services. These agencies will go for customer satisfaction rather than carry out the demands of a tyranical government. So they will fit you and the community’s needs and wants so no more racial profiling and immoral arrests. This is just one example.

How can we replace the republic we live in with a Free Market Society?

This question has many answers. You can individually kill every politician and federal/state workers. You can save up a lot of money and buy land from the U.S. and create a Free Market society there. You can vote(I know as an anarchist this goes against our most basic fundamentals) for politicians that offer the dismantling of racism such as ending the war on drugs and other things. You and other people with anarchist philosophies can become politicians(I know this is hurts even more than voting) can run for mayor and other local government positions until you’ve completely occupied local governments across the nation. Then you can gradually occupy state and then federal postions and from there dismantle government completely through passing acts against racism or simple signing “The Declaration of Fuck Government” or “The Declaration of We Are Hypocrites No More”. Also note there are rich elites that control the government so if you successfully dismantle the government you will have to deal with those guys. They control other governments over seas so they can send militaries over here and do what Columbus and later settlers did to the Native population. Or bomb us. But taking back control of the land will be more ideal for them so expect war. But citizens in countries all over the world are already standing up to their governments and could potentially overthrow them and successfully do so because AmeriKKKa won’t exist to interfere. Anarchy could take over the world and finally peace will prevail. Whether it’s Anarcho-Capitalism, Anarcho-Communism or Anarcho-Cannabis. It’s better than having a government to control and oppress you.

Now I have a question to ask you. Can you share this and comment about what you think, what you disagree with and any other suggestions of how to replace government?

Thanks for reading this long ass monologue of me asking myself questions and answering them.

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