Rating: 10/10
Label: Fuckin Classic
Highlights: No Tears, I Seen a Man Die, The Diary

Backround: The Diary is Scarface’s third studio album. Released on October 18, 1994 and went platinum on December 5, 1994. Hit #2 on Billboard 200. Produced by N.O. Joe, Mike Dean, Uncle Eddie and Scarface himself. Features Ice Cube and Devin the Dude on a track together.

Overview: Another Scarface classic. Perfect album. Nothing to complain about. The piano intro has you anxious to hear what’s next. Then Face comes out swinging with some mellow gangster shit. Then he talks about the aftermath of the homocide. Eye for an eye. Face goes on a G tip talking about murders, gangs coming into his town, being ready to smash fools. Just the overall enviroment and mentality of where he’s from. Then he goes on a more soulful tip with ‘I Seen a Man Die’. Life is precious, but people don’t realize it until it’s gone. Then Face hops back on the G shit and mellows it out a little after the ‘One Time’ skit. Emphasizes that the government blames black people for their fuck ups. Because of that his mind plays tricks on him and he can’t talk to no one but his Diary. The slow, chill Jazzy production with a hint of Funk really emphasizes Face’s powerful voice and strong words. The album is about his mental state and the place he’s from. And he delivered it perfectly. That message is still relevant today. The production is timeless. I keep going back to this album.

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