RATING: 8/10
LABEL: Dope House Records & Universal Records
HIGHLIGHTS: Bloody War, Mexican Radio, The System


Never Change is South Park Mexican’s seventh album. The Houston Press named it the 17th best Houston Rap album ever. Produced by SPM himself, Happy Perez, Jamie Ortiz, and Pelwin Bell. Features Ayana, Coast, Russell Lee, Baby Bash, Rasheed, Uchie and Juan Gotti.


Great Album.

One of my personal favorites.

I could rate it 10/10 easily due to my emotional connection with it. But that’s very bias. I’m keeping it a hundred.

This album is not for everyone. By that I mean unless you’ve lived or live in the struggle or have an understanding. You won’t really connect or get it. It’s Chicano gangster music as well as straight up gutter and struggle music.

The album starts off with SPM talking about being from the gutter and becoming the first Mexican to do what he does. Which is making it damn near commercial. And just talking about different aspects of his life.

Then he gets into a conversation with a homeboy in prison and opens up about his people going in and out off the penitentiary because the life they live is all they know.

He lives a life of crime and with that comes beef. So he wishes death on his enemies and dares them to go to war.

After that he goes on a player tip talking about messing with women and living that life. Leading to a conversation with himself about his choices in life. Realizing the wisdom his OG gave him. Live rich die lonely.

After some screwed up tracks he’s back on that gangster shit. Then next track talks about the consequences and that it’s a cycle the system perpetuates.

Clock yo’ change and get the fuck out is what he says. You can’t win this game. Leads to death or prison.

This album is for everyone who’s been through it or has witnessed it.

The slow, Texas production and great story-telling of SPM brings visuals that are relatable.

This album personally, has mad replay value.

I think you’d like it too.


If Never Change was given more exposure. Could it be classic or at least elite status?


What album should I review next?

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