RATING: 7/10

LABEL: Jive Records

HIGHTLIGHTS: Award Tour, Sucka Nigga, Oh My God


Midnight Marauders is A Tribe Called Quest’s third album. Released on November 9th, 1993. Hit #8 on Billboard 200. The album features Trugoy the Dove, Raphael Wiggins, Busta Rhymes and Large Professor. Mostly produced by ATCQ as well as Large Professor and Skeff Anslem.


Hello, this is your Midnight Marauder review.

Time to stir this shit up. People dying and we’re elevating our mental.

They go on an award tour serving that Jazz Rap.

The devil tries them but they stay strong and keep it pushing.

Oh, and fuck a “Sucka nigga.”

Then they talk about night time action.

But we can still get down. Put the steel down and let’s chill.

Relax yo’ self girl. Fuck with me boo.

Clap your hands to the greatest ever.

Oh my God we be eating MCs.

Keep it rolling folks. We kill MCs.

The album is very chill and laid back. Thank’s to that Jazzy production.

I feel it helped propel alternative Hip Hop.

This album is good. I loved it.

QUESTION: Is this ATCQ’s best album?

What album should I review next?

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