RATING: 7/10

LABEL: Urban Life Music

HIGHLIGHTS: Merceless,


Merceless is Big Tone’s seventh album. It’s about as underground as you can get. No billboard no nothing. Just real Bay Area music. Album features The Jacka, XO Creep, Megan, Lou E Lou, Woodie, Lil Dee, Young Fatz, Husalah, Shadow, Kino Locz, Mou$ie, A-Wax and Lil Los. Not sure who produced it. Possibly Woodie.


Tone makes it clear that this is for real street cats. Get that soft Puff Daddy, Will Smith shit out of here.

These niggas is merceless. They don’t give a fuck. They only act and react.

Gotta be smart and cold to survive in the game. Even the realest turn bitches. The toughest turn ghosts.

No mercy for his foes. Tone rides for his familia.

These new cats are just busters. Tone, Lou and Woodie came from an era where you had to kill to earn respect. Or at least smash on rivals. Youngins ain’t built the same.

Tone ain’t a regular Joe. He’s cut from a different cloth. He just has that killa Cali mentality.

Murder, hardships, rivalries, drugs, guns, is all apart of life. It’s whatever.

Living that good life. Candy paint, 40oz, weed, and bitches. We don’t know what this life is about. Just live it.

Studio gangsters get stomped on and clapped.

No time to think or hesitate. You have to stay on your toes.

Faded and desenitized got Tone feeling good and relaxed for once. But he still gotta be ready.

He tries to keep a level head but he’s in constant danger. His mind is full of evil thoughts.

That’s just how it is in Northern Killa4nia, everyone is in survival mode. And Tone chooses his life over yours.

These dudes stay thugged out and stay connected.

You have to be self sufficient. You have be able to rely on yourself. Talk shit, better back it up.

You can’t show Big Tone anything new. He done seen it all. Bragging ain’t impressive, just makes you a big hoe.

And through all the crazy things in his life. Him and Woodie reflect on their lives remembering them days.

Tone asks that when he dies. Put his soul to rest.

This album is just nothing but real shit. Real situations, real stories.

Really good album.

It’s not for everyone.

I personally love that vintage Mobb sound. The heavy base gets my blood flowing.

This is the life of a Chicano growing up in the hood and getting in the game.

The whole narrative is life in the Yoc.

May everyone live in peace before they rest in peace.

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