RATING: 7/10

LABEL: Nature Sounds

HIGHLIGHTS: The People’s Champ,


This is R.A.’s second studio album. Released on April 30, 2013. Features a diverse cast of rappers and singers such as Amalie Bruun, Talib Kweli, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Brother Ali, Master Ace, Eamon, Hopsin, Vinnie Paz, Sadat X and Block McCould. Produced by a diverse cast too such as Buckwild, Apathy, Dev-1, Marc Niles, Mr. Green, Jussi Jaakola, Will Tell, C-Lance, Marco polo, Shuko, Vheral, and Ayatolla.


So R.A. starts off as the people’s champ just showing off his flow and lyricism.

Then he gets more groovy and fun with it.

Then he gets into some real knowledge talking about world events with Kweli.

Hits you with a Bang Boogie real quick.

Then hits you with a Tom Thum and shows off his skill again.

Then he shows off his speed with Tech N9ne.

Then he gets into real shit. Pretty much talking about the media. The media spreads fear, propaganda, division, etc.

He then encourages you to shoot him in the head. He pretty much takes what haters say and brags about it.

Then he gets very sentimental and talks about his deceased father.

He returns to showing off his skills and gets dangerous.

And don’t forget. Him and Eamon LUV TO FUK.

Him and Hopsin consistently make underground hitz.

All he does is laugh and clown.

Gets real hard with Vinnie Paz and Sadat.

Then, with my favorite song on the album, talks about his childhood and his deceased siblings.

He then talks about the music industry and how to become famous.

I fuck with this album.

Not something I’ll listen to often but I like the diverse production and variety of tracks.

Although I don’t like the sequence of songs. You got from a hardcore track, to a conscious track, to a humorous track, back to a hardcore track, then a funny song.

I know my underground cats think this is a great album.

I digress but it’s still a quality album.

R.A. brings originality to the table.

I respect that.

QUESTION: Should R.A. have more exposure? Or is he in the right place?

What album should I review next?

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