RATING: 6/10

LABEL: Dirty Version Records

HIGHLIGHTS: Worst Nightmare, Raider Cap, Captain Caveman


Killmatic is Demigodz second studio album. Released on March 5, 2013. Hit #11 on Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart. Album features Open Mic, Termanology, Scoop DeVille, Eternia, Panchi, Planetary, and R.A. the Rugged Man. Produced mostly by Apathy. Teddy Roxpin, DJ Premier, Tone Spliff, Chumzilla, Skammadix, Snowgoons, WIll C and Marco Polo.


The Demigodz are back and coming hard with rough and gritty rhymes.

They spaz out and start rapping all over the place. No purpose but to show off their skills and offend people. For most the album.

Then they come with more bars rocking Raiders caps.

This album is just reckless lyricism and heavy production.

The sampling was on point.

The boom bap didn’t sound old.

Made the non-stop babbling sound a lot better.

It’s called Killmatic for a reason.

Demigodz just wanted to kill the mic. That’s it.

There’s a lack of diversity in the tracks.

You know what you’re getting.

It’s a decent album.

You have to be in that mood for non-stop rhymes.

I know underground cats love it.

I thought it was cool.

Lots of memorable lines but pretty much no substance.

QUESTION: Did you enjoy the non-stop lyricism?
What album should I review next?

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