Rating: 8.5/10
Label: N.Y. Classic
Highlights: N.Y. State of Mind, Memory Lane

Backround: Illmatic is Nas’s debut studio album. Released on April 19, 1994. Went gold on January 17, 1996. Hit #12 on Billboard 200. It was produced by DJ Premier, L.E.S., Pete Rock, Large Professor, and Q-Tip. Feature’s AZ on Life’s a Bitch.

Overview: Illmatic is a classic. But the most overrated classic. Maybe the most outdated too. You have the intro which leads to the life and the state of mind in NY. Perhaps one of the greatest NY tracks ever. Then Nas gets into different situations in the city. Eventually ending up on a trip through memory lane. Nice track to reminise to and back to reality of Queens. Then the album end. Dope wordplay and rhyme schemes used throughout. Production was great for it’s time. Illmatic is the epitome of 90s East Coast Hip Hop. Classic but not timeless as a whole.

Question: Do you agree Illmatic is the most overrated classic Hip Hop album ever?

5 thoughts on “Album Review: Illmatic by Nas

    1. It’s at least top 30 in my opinion. I say between #23-19. But it does sound older than other albums from the same years.

  1. I love illmatic. Truth be told, It’s probably my favorite and only favorite Nas album. It’s probably…a 9.5 for me, only because of the emotional attachment it has to me .

      1. Exactly. That shit is fundamental in a sound, in a moment in time. It sounds like summer times with the fire hydrant in Queens.

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