RATING: 6.5/10

LABEL: Independent

HIGHLIGHTS: Pitiful, Simplify


Dojo was released earlier this year. No accolades, yet. Features TooN. Produced by Sygns. It’s a short 7-track EP. You can listen to his other works on the site under ‘The Team’.


The album starts at 3:00am. Noir is just high and thinking about his life.

Shit gets pitiful. Lives miserable.

He gets more aggressive. Seems to turn his pain and struggles into motivation.

He wants to trust and give it all to this girl.

He’s faced his fears. And overcame them.

The devil will come as an angel light. A.K.A. these hoes.

He don’t wanna wait for her.

This EP was decent.

I really liked the production. It was chill for the most part.

Had a nice concept to it.

Love and pain.

Some good late night tunes.

QUESTION: What was your favorite track on the EP?
What album should I review next?

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