Rating: 10/10
Label: Classic
Highlights: No Vaseline, Givin Up the Nappy Dug Out, I Wanna Kill Sam

Backround: Death Certificate is Ice Cube’s second studio album. Released on October 29, 1991 and went platinum December 20, 1991. It was underrated 4.5/5 by The Source. Hit #2 on Billboard 200. The album was produced by Sir Jinx, Ice Cube himself, and Boogiemen with features including the Maad Circle and King Tee.

Overview: This is a statement album. First part of the album was very gangster. Basically, he was saying that he’s not someone to fuck with and will knock on your door to fuck your little innocent daughter. The energy in his voice, ruthlessness in his lyrics, and savagery in his approach got you hype. He hit you with literally killer bars, then hits you with more killer bars without giving you time to breathe. Then the song ends. You start processing the track, then get slapped by the next one. Then there’s skits of dirty policing and such that gives more atmosphere to the life he was living. Then with the short speech of Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Ice Cube dies and O’shea Jackson is born. He didn’t come out and say it but it’s obvious he’s Muslim. The album transitions into the second part. Which talks about the flip side of the life portrayed in the first part of the album. Talked about his people having the white man engrave white Jesus into them. Koreans taking over street corners. The mentality behind gang separation and the effects of it. Really drops gems. Then makes the statement that he doesn’t need N.W.A. to be successful and relevant. The message he sent with this album is still very relevant today. It’s timeless. The Funk and Jazzy production solidifies it’s place as a vintage West Coast classic. This album helped place California as the best region for Hip Hop music and production. This album goes down as one of the greatest ever.

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