RATING: 7/10

LABEL: Vandal Media

HIGHLIGHTS: The Rain, No Expectations, The Progression


This is album is free for download. Independent and very underground from Romania. No features. Produced by B Young ,misterE ,P Soul , LAVISH JAX, Jordo, Wonderlust, Dopantbeats, illegal spiegel, kloudbeats, origami, Bliss, and FllPnBeats.


Cerberus starts off talking about his troubles. Stuck in the rain.

A skit comes in. Setting the tone that he’s proving people wrong.

He’s working on himself. Focusing on positivity while he’s faced with negativity.

He’s an outcast. Thinking bad thoughts. But music is his remedy.

No expectations. He’s going for gold.

He’s lost again. But this time he comes more aggressively

Then He jumps on his ego. Boosting himself up.

The Savior(his friend) picks him up and pressures him into going to the club and shit.

He’s at the party not keeping his dick in his pants and other ill shit. He’s sort of breaking his shell.

His love brings him happiness and joy. But his love isn’t forever. So it seems.

Searching for his peace of mind.

Another skit comes in. Talking about pessimism and optimism.

He went through a progression. He’s steadily improving.

This is a concept album.

This album is good.

Nothing bad about it. Nothing great.

The production is diverse with some sampling here and there like at the end with the church choir.

Cerberus touches on a lot of mental issues and progressing out of though issues.

With some dope lyricism.

Hits home a couple times personally.

I might bump this from time to time.

QUESTION: Are you familiar with Romanian Rap?
What album should I review next?

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