RATING: 7/10
LABEL: GOOD Music & Geffen Records
HIGHLIGHTS: GO!, Testify, They Say


Be is Common’s sixth studio album. Released on May 24, 2005. It’s certified gold. Hit #2 on Billboard 200. Features Kanye West, John Legend, The Last Poets, and The Kids. Produced mostly by Kanye West.


This is a good album.

Easy listening.

Something to kickback and enjoy life. That’s what Common’s known for.

Starts off with a Jazzy intro then Common comes with uplifting lyrics.

Then he gets into what happens on the street corner.

Lightens the mood with up beat feelings about a woman.

What if God is a woman? And that woman is who he’s after? He asks questions about what his intentions would be.

Then a bitch sets her man up for a crime he didn’t do.

Love is… a lot of things.

Gets into the state of his city. He’s calling people out.

Then a live performance on the Dave Chapelle show. Giving off positive vibes.

It’s real people in his city with hopes and dreams. He wants to help them.

They say a lot of shit about people in his city. And people from inner cities in general.

Then he plants a seed for the youth. Kids are the future. And the future is important.

The soft and smooth Neo-Soul and Jazz production is perfect for the conscious words and happy vibes Common gives off.

The album is a nice pice of work.

QUESTION: Is this Common’s best project?

What album should I review next?

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