RATING: 10/10
LABEL: LaFace Records
HIGHLIGHTS: ATLiens, Elevators, E.T.


ATLiens is Outkast’s second studio album. Released on August 27, 1996. Sold 350,000 copies after two weeks. Hit #2 on Billboard 200. Produced by Outkast themselves and Organized Noise. Features Khujo, T-Mo, Big Gipp, and Cool Breeze.


This album is definitely classic.

Perfect and unique as hell.

Starts off with a prayer. You may die a hustler and leave this world.

They start talking about their dope boy days.

Being young in a cadillac.

Being on Earth sucks. It would cool to be somewhere with no worries and to just enjoy life.

The road of life is rough with bumps and holes. Need steel wheels to get through it.

But keep dreaming. Keep thinking of a positive future regardless of the bumps you hit now. Keep changing your tires.

Gotta chill and elevate. Me and you.

Me and you can go far. Watch out for the obstacles.

We(Outkast) grow up in a modern day Babylon. Kids selling Coke. Adultery. Sin in general. Hard to keep our faith in you with the struggles we go through. Hard to elevate with the temptation of these Earthly urges.

Oppression is hard to life with you. You have to get through the pressure.

We want to change our enviroment. But what goes around comes around. They against us. We against us.

These police don’t know a damn thing about us. But they watch over us.

Shit’s unstable. Trying to elevate. And we will. But we have to keep our faith.

We leaving this world. We are ATLiens. We don’t fit in with AmeriKKKan society. We out of this world. We are not of this world.

We are growing. We hit the 13th floor. Overstanding the world we live in. We are no longer of this world we came from.

We are stuck on this Earth. But we are not of this place. We are ATLiens.

This album is about rising above. Not attaching yourself to this Earth.

This instrumentals are very alien-like. The mixture of Gospel, psychedelic Rock, and Dub really bring you out of this world.

Outkast were on to something here. Better listen carefully.

QUESTION: What did you get from this album?

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