RATING: 6/10

LABEL: Mello Music Group

HIGHLIGHTS: Panties in a Jumble, Deep in the Casket, Pain


This is Apollo Brown’s and Planet Asian’s first joint LP. Released on September 15, 2017. It’s a purely underground album. No accolades or nothing yet.


Albums starts with a Jazzy instrumental.

Asia starts out with some strong words. He’s a warrior while other dudes are wearing panties.

He gets more positive and speaks lighter words.

Asia just raps about a bunch of random things for a while. Real mellow but deep here and there.

Then Asia picks up his speed and intensity a little. Still maintaining the same subject matter. Which is all over the place sometimes.

Next track he pretty much talks about the haters and mentions what he’s got. And talks about his enviroment.

Asia gets into some wisdom an OG gave him and ran with it.

Then starts rapping about random shit again.

Talks about people from his homeplace getting stuck in the cycle and getting thrown in caskets.

Then he gets back to not staying on a topic with a feature from Tri State.

The tone gets more mellow and laid back. Same shit though.

Asia gets back into some real shit. He can’t take the pain and destruction from the beefs and murders. Especially the death of his cousin and his mother having a heart attack.

Mellow soul is expressed again by Asia.

Production slightly gets more intense. As well as Asia’s rapping.

Albums ends on a low note.

The best thing about this album is the production.

It’s consistent and transitions very well throughout.

It’s Jazz based but I hear instruments and samples from a variety of genres.

Apollo even sampled Immortal Technique.

It’s very relaxed and chill. Good production I’d listen to at night.

Planet Asia puts you to sleep. Few tracks he drops some jams and was dope as hell.

For the most part though. He didn’t stick to one topic and often jumped around every bar. One bar he mentions murder then jumps to the stock exchange.

Apollo Brown brought good production but Asia was okay overall.

It’s an alright album.

QUESTION: Did you enjoy what Planet Asia brought to the table?
What album should I review next?

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