Nöir. 2017 (C) Copyright Sygns Media LLC, Nöir.

Artist: Nöir
Album: DOJO 道場
Performer: Nöir
Composer: meltycanon
Lyricist: Nöir
Producer: Nöir, meltycanon, The Sygns
Recording Engineer: Nöir

Debut EP ‘DOJO 道場’ coming July 17, 2017.

Artwork by Juan Manuel Hernandez, ADK
Color: Angel Lidon, ADK

Production Company: Sygns Media, LLC.
Executive Producers: The Sygns, Nöir

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Music video by ADK, Nöir performing Wait. (C) 2017 Nöir Days Music., under exclusive licence to Sygns Media, LLC.

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Hi, I'm Adrean. I'm a writer of some words and picto-fics(comics...). I love science fiction, and most of all I love helping others.

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