So, I had a little talk with the pals over at Poppyguys. A very important talk actually. One I feel everyone should be let in on.

We spoke about privacy and the way we’ve given up our right to maintains secrecy in today’s high tech/ultra connected environment. A lot of us hold mobile phones, have email accounts, and social media attached to them. So, it’s a wonder how connected and exposed we are all at once.

At this point in time you’re either okay with it, or you’re wondering—like many others—how this happened. A lot of people will chalk it up to conspiracy theories(Big Brother is Watching, the government hates you) but this just isn’t the case. We’ve all willfully given up privacy in order to keep up with the times. Not necessarily the other way around

Believe it or not there was a time where your mom and dad would never allow you to post yourself on the internet, much less to chat and share those pictures with strangers six states over. Grandma was still in the dark ages, so forget it.

If it wasn’t for homework or checking the web, most families monitored our time online to the tenth of a minute. Especially if your mom needed the house phone. Our lives were very disconnected from the internet. Besides sites and images that were uploaded by universities or private severs, mine and your information was safe.

This mostly came to a close in the 90’s with online software like Time Warner’s American Online, and Yahoo chat engines. As chatting with others became more mainstream. Self published information became the stuff of internet forums for decades. Internet profile became a way to show who you were, your skills and your interests.

Still… it wasn’t too invasive.

BlueKai | Oracle 

Putting YOU in control of your digital papertrail.

Now, we’ve all used myspace, and today, facebook is the go to. The more connected we are, the more our apps and programs are getting to know us. Facebook, itself has incredible tools for tracking data, and gets you to willingly participate in sharing it. Each of these systems asks you for permission before collecting certain data. Some of this has made recent news with Google’s tracking of your voice and other personal artifacts. If you read the fine print, it does tell you further that anything published on the platform can be used by them — this data is sent to a server and later sold to marketers and…

Ever wonder how you can search for something online and the engine knows exactly what you’re gonna ask it?

The ads on facebook showing you things you will or already have looked at? Things you’ve talked about?

Yeah, my fiance and I were looking for Surface Pro 4s… Thanks, Facebook.

Google tracks everything You Say!

By accepting the permissions through linking social media accounts to your email and apps you’re allowing each program to communicate who you are and your interests whether you like it or not. You then become a digital person, your likes and dislikes, the things you eat. The people you talk to…

But, I’m here to tell you, YOU do have control. It’s just up to you to want to exercise it.

We talked before about the secrets that should not be told, and they hold more important today now than ever.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this with us.

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