Should’ve Been On Podcast | Episode 115

On today’s episode of #ShouldveBeenOn we bring Internal Rhyme to talk about the wordsmiths of Hip-Hop, increasing vocabulary and popular music. Also, we give astounding business advice with building credit — a very important piece of being an adult, and even offer tips on how to get started.

Oh! Want to win free stuff? Listen until the end. Featured music by INTERNAL RHYME.

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Should’ve Been On Content

1. Introduction

2. Mental Health/Venting segment “How are you today?”

3. [ Song 1 ]

4. Main topic

5. [ Song 2 ]

6. Main Topic / Special Guest Talk

7. Body to Watch(Business, Model, or Intellectual on the Rise)

8. [ Song 3 ]

9. Weekly Business Tip

10. On the Rocks & In Your Dish(Specialized Bonding over Drinks/Food)

11. Dot Hacks(App or solution to simplify everyday tasks in life and business)

12. Outro/Summary

13. [ Song 4 ]

14. Sent From Sygns(Free Giveaway for our Listeners)

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2 thoughts on “Should’ve Been On Podcast — Ep. 115 Internal Rhyme(@internal_rhyme) & The Hip-Hop Lexicon

  1. My name is, Ms Midgette, I’m a a listener of your radio show I look forward to listening two your next show I enjoyed listening to the young people talking about they music how they started out in music industry I know that they put in a lot of hard work and at the same time they are still learning the business and also about Finance managing their money and I also like how you talk about current events in the music industry and also everyday life yes I like what you said about the public school and High School how they pushed the young people’s or push ahead so that they can get different programs in the school started but it still doesn’t help in the education once they go out into the real world it’s so hard for many young people that had graduated from high school junior high school that still don’t know what’s going on or how to fill out a job application you need to talk more about that the Young Generation that’s coming out of school to go back for a refresher course on more education they have young people who are coming out of school who are being pushed ahead the public needs to hear more about how the schools are using young people for-profit and that’s what you call modern day slavery we want our young people to stay focus and to ask for help if they need it and not be pushed under the rug or out the door and also we need to tell our young people education is the key and stay focused if you want to do music if you want to be any kind of entrepreneur you must stay in school and learn so again I’m thinking you guys for a wonderful radio show keep up the good work you guys are doing a wonderful job broadcasting on the radio show because you’re telling it like it really is and the guess really knowledgeable about current events and people need to know what’s going on around town or in the neighborhoods and in the schools and in the work industry and in the music industry. quite sure you going to have more people calling ,in and talking about current events. Thank you your listener Miss midgette Philadelphia.

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